New “Stay Hot, Keep Cool” IBEX Tumbler from IBEX™, A must have for every American, from salesmen to soccer moms to hunters and sports enthusiasts.


Have you ever experienced hot Soda or cold Coffee? You know that depressing feeling when you are in your vehicle and you go to take a swig of Dew only to find that it is disgustingly warm or you go to have a drink of your Coffee to find that it is unintentionally chilled?

The truth is, we underestimate the importance of that first coffee on the way to work or a cool drink when driving in the middle of the summer. Recent studies have proven that we can suffer from up to 35% less productivity without having the correct hydration at the right temperature. Estimates say that if the beverage is just a few degrees cooler or warmer than it is supposed to be that overall drink satisfaction decreases by up 56% leading to quicker dehydration thus leading to up 35% less productivity in our daily activities! Seriously shocking statistics that are easily averted by using IBEX Tumbler™.

The Lightweight tumbler is stylish and insanely practical, it will simply keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drink cold for longer than any competitors in the same sector.

We all crave a solution for this everyday problem, and the people from IBEX™ have found it in the IBEX Tumbler™.

Hunting, fishing, camping or even around the soccer field keep your coffee nice and warm or your summer beverage icy cold.

The secret is in the double-vacuum sealing and the superior quality of the interior and exterior surfaces made with thick and rugged 304 Stainless Steel. We have found that in freezing conditions, on average, the IBEX™ keeps hot drinks hotter for a extra 1.2 hours more than the leading competitor. We also did a like for like test on ice, the IBEX™ tumbler kept the ice frozen for a extra 2.5hrs in test conditions of over 100ºF

IBEX Tumblers really did think of everything when designing their new tumbler. Enjoy your beverage on land or sea, without fear of corrosion after a few months of regular use like the lesser quality name brands on the market today. They are so confident in the longevity of their tumbler that they give you a 5 year warranty for FREE and the opportunity to get lifetime warranty too! Who else has that much confidence in their products?

Thankfully, due to new technology, the IBEX Tumbler™ is a far more superior product than even the closest competitors.

With it being double vacuum sealed, beautiful and stylish raw brushed-steel color interior, and extra rugged and heavy duty exterior walls made of 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel, it is no wonder these amazing 30oz Tumblers are selling out fast. It was recently announced that Christmas sales completely sold out of stock.

We are lucky enough to have a new shipment come in today, but be warned these will sell quick! Get your IBEX™ now by clicking here.

These Tumblers are being ordered in bulk, with the US Navy and Army both putting in orders of 10’s of thousands each.

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IBEX™ leading the way in Cooler Tumblers.